Real Estate Inspection for Home Buyers

A properly working septic system can help enhance any home’s value. If you are in the market for a new home, or if you are planning to sell your current home, it’s crucial to have your septic system properly inspected. Inspections help detect any issues with the septic system and prevent any liability issues from occurring in the future. 

Septic System Inspection Services for Stamford & Greenwich, CT

If you need your septic system inspected by a certified inspector, call Stright Sewage. Before we begin our inspection, we will research your city or town’s health department records to obtain plans and copies of information that is relevant for your needs. Then we will get right to work checking every aspect of your septic system. 

During the inspection we will do the following:

• Vac-pump the septic tank to check inlet and outlet baffles to ensure no solids are allowed to leave the tank and clog the leaching areas.
• Inspect the tank's structural integrity.
• Examine the contents of the tank to help determine prior maintenance practices.
• Check pressure from leaching fields.
• Probe leaching fields to determine the extent of sewage penetration.
• Check for present or potential problems and help evaluate the system's life expectancy.
• Check house interior plumbing fixtures. Continuous leaks can damage leaching field.
• Make sure garbage disposals, water softener, back flush, sump pumps, etc. are not connected to septic system.
• Provide a complete written report with all of our findings and recommendations.

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