Maintenance & Repairs

Septic Tank Repair & Maintenance Services in Stamford, Darien, Greenwich, CT

Stright Sewage has been a major player in the septic system industry since we first began in 1921. We understand how important regular maintenance is in keeping your septic system up and running. Our maintenance and inspection services are designed to catch any problems before they get worse. 

Baffles are required to prevent the tank’s solid matter from entering the leaching area. Our baffle inspections will check for tank baffle damage to prevent any leaks from occurring. We will also check your tank’s structural integrity to make sure it’s strong enough to contain your household waste. 

Septic Tank Repair | Greenwich & Stamford, CT

Stright Sewage Offers Any Kind of Septic System Maintenance You Might Need 

Septic tank repair and regular maintenance is imperative if you want to keep your septic system running smoothly. Standing water in your backyard, stinky odors around your drains, and overflowing toilets are all signs that your septic system isn’t working its best. If you suspect that you might be in need of septic tank repair, call Stright Sewage. Serving Stamford, Darien & Greenwich, CT, we provide pipe repairs and replacements, tank repairs, distribution box installations, and more. Don’t wait until your septic problem gets out of hand. Contact us today to schedule your free initial evaluation!

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